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QC Standards

As much as I would love for every board to be perfect, no kit can be 100% flawless. Here are our quality control standards for different finishing methods.

Anodization Standards:

Due to the nature of anodization, keyboards with multiple parts may be anodized in different batches, this may cause a slight variation in the final shade of the anodization. We strive to have each part match as closely as possible, but variations may occur.

There may be discoloration or smearing at the surface level near screw holes.

There may be marks on interior surfaces due to the fixturing method used.

Cerakote Standards:

There may be small grains under the surface of the Cerakote and internal surfaces may be more coarse than external surfaces.

There may be marks close to screw areas due to the fixturing method used.

E-Coat / Electrophoresis:

Electrophoresis is mainly used in applying a white finish to keyboards, the same standards that apply in the A/B/C-Stock determination apply here.

Due to E-Coat being more fragile, there may be contact marks on areas where parts fit together or near screws.

PVD / Physical Vapor Deposition:

PVD finish may have microscratching.

Brass / Stainless Steel / Non-aluminum materials

Brass and other materials tarnish over time, you can clean it but note that it's a form of oxidation that we cannot control. This includes weights, plates, or other components made of non-aluminum materials.

A/B/C-Stock Determination:

A-Stock denotes parts with marks or dents equal to or below 1mm in length and scratches equal to or below 3mm in length.

B-Stock denotes parts with marks or dents over 1mm in length and scratches over 3mm in length.

C-Stock and other denotes parts with marks or dents over 1mm in length and scrathes over 5mm in length.

Marks, dents, or scratches on unexposed or non-user-facing surfaces, after the PCB and plate are installed, are not considered in this measurement.


Hardware resources for keyboards


Rear Case Screws: M2 x 20mm

Front Case Screws: M2 x 12mm

DB Screws: M2 x 3mm (Low profile provided)

O-Rings: 1/8" CS, 7 1/4" ID, 50A and 70A Durometer

Front Weight Screws: M3 x 3mm

Rear Weight Screws: M3 x 4mm


Case Screws: M3 x 10mm Countersunk

Plate/DB Screws: M2 x 6mm

O-Rings: 1.5mm CS, 1.8mm ID

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