+ March 18th - All remaining orders have been picked up.

+ March 16th - Replacement PCBs arrived and all remaining orders have been packed.

+ March 13th - Replacement PCBs have shipped from the manufacturer; we expect them to arrive on the 15th and remaining orders will be shipped this weekend.

+ February 18th - All WKL-only orders have shipped! The PCB manufacturer has returned from holiday and components have been ordered for replacement PCBs. 

+ February 2nd - An issue was found with two switch footprints of the HHKB layouts on the PCBs; WKL layouts are unaffected. We've placed an order for fixed PCBs and expect them in about a month. Orders with HHKB boards will be delayed until the new PCBs arrive, WKL orders will continue to ship.

+ January 28th - O-Rings have arrived and orders have begun shipping. We expect all orders to ship within 1-2 weeks. 

+ January 22nd - O-Rings have shipped from manufacturer. 

+ January 16th - O-Rings have finished production, shipping in the next few days.

+ January 5th, 2024 - O-Rings have begun re-production; they are expected to take 7-10 business days to produce before shipping.

+ December 19th - Shipping has been delayed to January 2024. Replacement O-Ring have been stuck in customs with no resolution in sight. An update with far more depth has been posted in the Discord; Summary is: if O-Rings are not released by customs by end of year, they will be remade asap in January. This is the last part we are waiting on before orders can ship. 

+ December 10th - Carrying Cases have arrived. Address update email has been sent out. Replacement O-Rings are stuck in customs. We will begin packing orders in the meantime and ship once the o-rings arrive. 

+ November 30th - Carrying Cases are in transit. Once they arrive an address update email will be sent to all buyers. Estimated shipping is in 2 weeks.

+ November 20th - Carrying Cases will ship from manufacturer by the end of week. A mistake was made with ordering the original O-rings, they have been re-ordered. Shipping estimated about 1-2 weeks after carrying cases deliver. Will send out address update email in about a week.

+ November 2nd - Carrying Cases are in production, manufacturer delays expect production to complete in 2 weeks. Shipping estimate pushed back, expect shipping before end of year holidays.

+ October 2nd - PCBs have arrived, Carrying Case samples are approved, and the shipping estimate is near! We estimate shipping will begin in November. 

+ September 10th - Cases have arrived with us 🎉 QC will begin while other components finish manufacturing. Carrying Case samples have shipped, mass production will begin after samples are confirmed. Shipping estimate is still Q4, will narrow down soon.

+ August 30th - Carrying Case samples have finished, awaiting shipment to confirm for production.

+ August 28th - Cases have been shipped by the manufacturer.

+ August 22nd - Lots of the supporting components (carbon fiber plates, o-rings, pcb/dbs, ezmate cables, and carrying cases) are in production and should be completed in the coming weeks. Other supporting components like gaskets, feet, and auth cards are completed. Shipping estimate is still Q4; as more components arrive, we will narrow down the shipping estimate. 

+ August 8th - PVD finish is confirmed, boards are almost ready to be shipped from the manufacturer. Still on track to ship to customers during the original estimate.

+ July 16th - Turquoise color matching complete. Confirming PVD finish and then starting full production.

+ June 28th - Second Turquoise color sample is still off. Retrying.

+ June 20th - Red Sample is good for production. Turquoise needs adjustment before production - manufacturer will be providing anodizing partner with a reference after we confirm the color.

+ June 12th - Anodize samples are shipping from manufacturer, will start full production once colors are confirmed.

+ April 26th - Cases are in production.

+ April 14th - Case order placed with the manufacturer; Samples will be produced first then remaining after approval. 

+ April 3rd - GB Closed

+ March 11th - GB Started

Progress Photos